Digital Campaign

A digital campaign is instant and can maximise local awareness about your missing pet.

A targeted advertised Facebook post to local users in your area is alerting the people you need most- the ones most likely to see or find your missing pet.

The benefits
  • Increase awareness of your missing pet in your local area.

  • Increase engagement, encourage more people to share and comment.

  • Boost traffic and encourage others to see your post.

  • Increase sightings and information.

  • Most importantly: a better chance of a happy reunion.

How it looks

Why boost with us?
  • Animal Search UK’s Facebook page has 45K followers; with paid advertisement we can reach an even larger audience.

  • All key information is posted, to raise awareness for your missing pet but also to protect your privacy.

  • The caption has been created to be noticeable, but also appealing for increased engagement, comments and shares.

Compare Campaigns

We can produce any size Digital Campaign you need, but our standard packages are:

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