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Spread the word about your missing pet

As millions of people use social networking sites daily, it is important that news of your missing pet reaches as many of them as possible.

Hundreds of pets are reunited via Social Media websites, and the use of these sites will undoubtedly play a crucial role in spreading the word whilst your missing pet.

Boosted Adverts have always been a standard inclusion of our Specialist Publicity campaigns, but now we are delighted to be able to offer them to owners on a standalone basis.

What is a Boosted Advert?

A Boosted Advert is essentially the modern-day equivalent of a local newspaper advert. It is a post that is put up on our National and Regional Facebook pages. A member of our team will then convert it into a paid for Facebook Advertisement and Boost it. Boosting the advert means that we can choose the people that the advert is shown to by their location, resulting in your pet's post being shared and seen by thousands of people in your geographical area, exactly where you need it most.

Share your pets details with

Standard Boost


Our standard boost package costs £18 and has an estimated reach of 3,000 people.

Premium Boost


Our premium boost package costs £30 and has an estimated reach of 7,000 people.

These numbers are calculated using the average reach a post gets.

Boost Your Missing Pet

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Digital Content (Facebook Boosts) can not be refunded after they have been made live.