I have found somebody's missing pet

Remember, this website is free to use, and provides local and nationwide coverage.

We will add the details of the pet to our database, and automatically check our records for possible matches with lost pets in your area.
If we do find a match, we will contact you and the owner directly.

You are not required to have the pet in your possession to report it as found, simply reporting a sighting of the pet is helpful.

An email address is required to report a pet. You can sign up for free email from a range of services including Google Mail.

Animal Search UK Terms and Conditions.

Completely free to use website automatic lost/found pet matching system

The main way that Animal Search UK works is by having a FREE to use website where owners can report their missing pets, with up to four photographs. Lost cats and lost dogs are the most common missing pets.  The pet will remain on the site for as long as it takes to find them. The website can also be used by members of the public who have found a missing cat or missing dog – they too can submit a report free of charge with photos in the hope that an owner will come forward.

The website features an advanced ‘auto-match’ system whereby, if a found pet is added to the database that is from the same area as a missing pet, the website database will automatically notify the owner immediately that there is a possibility their pet has been found. The website receives approx 50,000 hits in any typical month and over 1,500 lost and found pets are ‘listed’ with 4 photos free of charge each month.

Widespread Publicity Campaigns and 24/7 UK based Call Centre service

In addition to the free to use website, Animal Search UK also provides help with publicity campaigns in the form of a poster and leaflet service the uses a free phone number. This 0800 number allows anyone that has news on a missing pet to come forward, anonymously if they wish, and tell Animal Search UK what they know. Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the service continues for as long as it takes to find the pet.

The benefits of this phone number are that it allows people to tell us potentially awkward or sad news that they may not want to tell an owner directly. This often helps to generate calls that may not have been received if people are only given the option to make direct contact with an owner as opposed to a third party such as Animal Search UK. The cost of this poster and leaflet service is often covered by pet insurance companies or there is a small cost to the owner if a pet isn’t insured.

UK’s only Professional Search Team for Missing Pets

The third way that Animal Search UK can help is to send out members of its professional Missing Pet Search Team. This service is operational throughout the UK and can be deployed within 24 hours of an owners request for assistance. The search team are fully uniformed and they conduct searches of sheds and garages as well as speaking to members of the public and distributing posters and leaflets. The team has a small fleet of high-viz vehicles that will patrol an area and alert members of the community that there is a search in progress for a missing or stolen pet. This service is very effective at raising the profile of a missing pet’s disappearance and encouraging people to keep an eye out for them.

Pre-registration service coming soon 

We are pleased to announce that in the next few months we will be finalising a pre registration service to protect pets before they become missing or lost. The service will help prevent horses becoming stolen and offer reassurance to pet owner in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.  To show your interest in this new service then please follow this link. We will then let you know how to become a member of this innovative and effective club for pet owners who want to safeguard their pets


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